Green Earth Box Ready-to-Grow System – $ 54.95

The Green Earth Box Ready-to-Grow System is the new secret way to grow larger, higher-quality flowers, herbs, vegetables and plants. Great for container gardening or seed starting! Grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers with EarthBox. Our Green Earth Box System includes 1 EarthBox unit, 1 Aeration Screen, 1 Water Fill Tube, 2 Fitted Covers, 4 Casters, 20 oz. Bag of 7-7-7 Fertilizer, and 16 oz. Bag of Dolomite w/ Trace Elements. All durable plastic components are UV stabilized. Holds 2.0 C.F. of Potting Mix, Holds 3 Gallons of Water, Product Dimensions 29L x 14W x 11H, Integrated Caster Sockets, One-Year Warranty, Instruction Sheet.

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