Small Garden Design
I Have a Dream

Small garden design is probably not the first thing we notice in the magazine isle of our local department store. We walk through the magazine section and what catches our eye? All of those brightly colored and gorgeous photographs of expansive estates or yards just kind of jump out at us, tantalizing our creative urge. We wonder how we can recreate those beautiful gardens at home. For most of us, we can’t, but we can create a garden that definitely represents us and lends itself to the size of the gardening site we have available.

In small garden design we need a vision or a dream as to what the final outcome can look like. It is a little like a photographer looking through the viewfinder of a camera and composing that perfect picture that will be captured on film or on a digital card. Unlike the photographer, we don’t have the actual garden in front of us. We only have what we envision in our mind’s eye.

Our gardening space is our canvas for creating our masterpiece. We are the artist. How will we move ahead and fulfill our dream?

  1. We must not let others discourage or dissuade us from our dream. People who aren’t following through with their dreams may resent us for following through with ours and will begin to place limitations on us by expressing their doubts about our abilities to complete the vision.

  3. We need to move beyond past disappointments and learn from any previous mistakes. Maybe our last attempt didn’t turn out quite the way we had envisioned. Disappointment is the gap, or the distance, between expectation and reality. I suspect there isn’t anyone that hasn’t failed to achieve their goals at some point in their life. Failure is a necessary and natural part of life. That does not make us a failure.

  5. We should not settle for average. Whatever we do deserves our best attention and effort. To have that glorious small garden design we will need to invest our entire being to maintain that inspiration and exercise an uncommon discipline. We can let the weather (too hot or too cold) get us down or the weeds crowd our vision of a bright, vibrant, and healthy garden. We start with great intentions, but begin to make little concessions here and there until our dreams are gone and we abandon our efforts.

  7. We must maintain our confidence in pursuing our dreams and bringing our visions to fruition.

  9. We must not lack the imagination to dream. We must take a look at the gardening space we have available and take in the whole picture. We then need to let that vision of those plants breaking through the black earth begin to take shape. Add to that vision the budding flowers or the onset of fruit and vegetables and the pleasure those will give either to the eye or to the palate.

    Our dreams and our visions will infuse our spirit with energy and spur us on to greatness.

    When we look through that imaginary viewfinder, what do we see? Do we see a blank canvas with unlimited opportunities for that perfect small space design that reflects our dreams and visions? Or do we see limiting factors that make us turn tail and hide?

    Let’s let our imagination be our guide, dig in and let our small garden design take shape.

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