Small Garden Tools – What is New?

Small garden tools are essential to maintaining your small space gardening. An investment in good tools, combined with proper care and maintenance, will result in fewer trips to the gardening center for replacements. These labor saving devices will help make some of those tedious gardening chores much more enjoyable.

When I was growing up, we had a large garden. Planting sweet corn with a tractor and a corn planter was the norm. However, we still had to plant other vegetables by hand. Planting onion sets, tomato plants, and potatoes was a major backbreaking feat. Whenever possible, we improvised solutions with whatever was on hand. A broom handle worked wonders in soft soil for making holes for bulbs and sets.

What small garden tools are on the market today to make small space gardening just a little easier?

  • Bedding Plant Auger
    – Taking its cue from the paint stirrer that fits into a drill, this auger is a 2 ¾-inch diameter bit with a 28 inch shank that fits into your electric or batter operated drill. This tool is sufficient for digging holes for plants while you remain standing. Use this tool for quickly planting bedding plants.
  • Wedge Shaped Planting Tool
    – This tool eliminates the frustration of digging dirt out your small garden containers and having nowhere to put the extracted soil. Designed like a wedge for splitting logs, this tool allows you to displace the existing soil rather than remove it. While you may be able to find this tool at your local garden supply store, if you are handy with tools, you may want to try making your own. Simply shape a piece of wood into a wedge and add a large drawer knob to the top for easy handling. Insert the tool into the loose soil, move back and forth , and insert your plant or bulb.
  • Nite Guard Solar-Powered Night Predator Light
    – This may not technically be considered part of your small garden tools arsenal, but it sure is a handy device to keep unwanted night animals away from your garden. The red flashing LED light that comes on at dusk and turns off at sunrise sends those nocturnal feeders scampering without their savory meal from your garden.
  • Tumbleweed Rotating Compost Bin
    – This 58-gallon capacity compost bin provides vertical tumbling action, which promotes quick and odorless composting. With a favorable combination of composting materials, dampness of the material, and the weather, the small space gardener can see results in as little as 21 days. Give this bin a daily spin as you have your daily coffee on the backyard patio.
  • Gardening Knee Pads
    – If you are a gardener whose joints are commencing to let you know they are not quite as young and flexible as they once were, check into getting some knee pads for use while gardening. Many of these pads have a design that allows them to conform to the unique contour of the individual knee, relieving some of the stress with kneeling for extended periods.

While the next tip does not come under the classification of small garden tools, it is a handy tip for creating mulch. While newspapers make for great mulch, many local newspapers are losing subscribers to the internet. You may be one of those and thus do not have a supply of newsprint to use in your garden.

Many people shred much of the mail they receive, but unfortunately, it usually goes directly to the trash receptacle after shredding. For the gardener, this recyclable shredded paper makes and excellent mulch.

Small space gardening should be enjoyable and the more we use our small garden tools for labor saving devices and utilize the recyclable products around our home, we will find spending time outdoors in our gardens will be quite pleasant.

On your next trip to your favorite garden supply store, spend some time scouring around the small garden tools section to see if you find something to make your gardening task a bit easier.

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