Small Space Gardening – Inspiration

Small space gardening intent is quite evident in my part of the country at this time.  It is spring time and everything is starting to rejuvenate and come to life. 

Despite all of the negative aspects in the economy right now there appears to be a ray of hope as folks seek to restart their gardens or begin their gardens for the first time.

My wife and I were in the local Costco store recently and it was amazing to see the transformation.  We expected to see such at a Home Depot, Lowe’s or even Walmart, but hadn’t expected it at Costco.  The local store had relocated all of its shopping cart area to the opposite side of the entrance refilling it with all kinds of local plants.  By doing so, it allowed for the plants to take advantage of a full day’s unfiltered sun.

Inside the store. it was amazing to see the masses of plants and gardening supplies moving about.  It was kind of strange to look across the store to see what appeared to be veritable small space gardening environments moving up and down the aisles.  Even smaller fruit trees with their leaves swaying with the movement of the shopping cart or truck screamed “time to get busy”.

The weather is warming up, there appears to be hope in the air, and there is a multitude of colors to be added to your container garden or raised bed garden.  Seeing the “imported” fruits and vegetables in the produce sections of the supermarkets strengthens that yearning for the taste of that truly fresh tomato or strawberry or the sweetness of the peas or sweet corn.

I was reminded this week that small space gardening can take just about any shape.  While I wouldn’t recommend it as a means of starting your own kitchen garden, my granddaughter’s kindergarten class was studying how the earth, sun, and water interacted with one another to grow plants.  As a result, they put some soil in plastic freezer bag, planted seeds, watered as needed and watched their plants grow.  Now I doubt that they would get an edible crop, but I do suspect that if they were so inclined, they could transplant these seedlings, care and nurture them throughout the growing season, and see some fruit or vegetable emerge.

Don’t get discouraged.  Starting small space gardening, container gardening, or raised bed vegetable gardening is a little like starting a savings account.  If you start with a small amount and see that it grows we will be encouraged to add more and more to our base which results in more abundant growth.

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