Small Space Gardening

Small space gardening, also known as pot gardening, container gardening, or square foot gardening, makes sense when you have a limited amount of space with which to work.

There are many beneficial aspects of this kind of gardening, as we will see below:

  • Control the kind and amount of chemicals that are applied to your vegetables.
  • Enjoy freedom from various soil-borne diseases that you might find in large open gardens.
  • Have greater control over insects that might threaten your plants.
  • Display your creative and decorative flair by choosing from different garden designs or by the type of containers you choose to use.
  • Garden from anywhere. Even individuals that rent apartments can enjoy the fruits of their vegetable growing labors by utilizing their patio or balcony space. Just verify with the landlord that such activities are permitted.

Is there any better sensation than feeling warm fresh garden dirt slipping through your fingers and getting under your fingernails? Well maybe the warm sand of a sunny beach, but I digress.

Square foot gardening may be new terminology for some readers. This is another way to efficiently utilize small space gardening by creating raised garden beds and dividing the space into 1 foot squares. Utilizing raised beds can allow individuals with limited mobility or dexterity to enjoy gardening. Due to their small size, these garden beds can be placed on stands or tables so that you can garden without stooping or getting on the ground.

Square Foot Garden

Square Foot Garden

Container gardening, also known as pot gardening, allows the gardener to embody creative decorating skills and techniques into their overall space management plan while enjoying the fruits of gardening. By selecting various types of containers, the gardener can make their garden as basic or as elaborate as they wish. Clay pots, hanging baskets, old milk containers, and even old tires can become tools within the gardener’s artistic arsenal.

Small space gardening can unleash the pent up artist in you as you consider the remarkable array of colors with vegetable and flower plants coupled with the unlimited supply of containers with which to create your “living” masterpiece.

Aside from space considerations, the aspiring gardener will need to consider the following:

  • Availability of sunlight.
  • Availability of water.
  • Ability to shelter from adverse weather conditions.
  • Adequate drainage.
  • A proper soil mixture since traditional garden soil does not drain well in containers.

Imagine being able to step outside your door and just a few feet away is that tantalizing array of vegetables just waiting to be picked and enjoyed. It sure beats a trip to the local produce center.

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